Welcome to the Splunk Add-on for JIRA Atlassian Service Desk application documentation

The Splunk Add-on for JIRA Atlassian Service Desk provides alerts action for JIRA issues creation:

  • Trigger JIRA issue creation from Splunk core alerts and Enterprise Security correlation searches
  • Dynamic retrieval per JIRA project for types of issues and priority
  • Dynamic assignment of priority (optional)
  • Dynamic and/or static assignment of summary, description, assignee and labels
  • Custom fields full capabilities via the embedded custom field structure in alerts (optional)
  • Deduplication feature workflow with bi-directional integration, allows detecting a duplication issue creation request, and adding new comments automatically instead of creating duplicated issues
  • Attaching Splunk alert results to the JIRA issue in CSV or JSON format
  • Resilient store JIRA issue creation, shall a JIRA issue fails to be created, the resilient workflow handles automatic retries with a resilient policy
  • Monitoring of JIRA issue workflow via the embedded Overview dashboard and out of the box alerts
  • Get any information from JIRA via the REST API custom command wrapper, generate and index to summary events or the metric store issues statistics per projects
screenshot.png screenshot_projects.png screenshot_api.png screenshot1.png


Versions and build history: